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My President Mattress

My President Mattress

My President Mattress selling 4 & 5 Star Hotel Mattress at factory price for your HDB, EC and Condo in Singapore with Free Delivery, Order Now & Get it Today

Our Interior Designer, Piong, with 9 Years of experience in the renovation industry is capable to transform your bedroom as shown in the photo

We are specialise in renovating the entire house and customize bed frame to draw out a luxurious lifestyle within the limited space of your BTO

Our Aim is to deliver an affordable and luxurious sleep after an epic day of work


My President Premium ( My Hope )

Queen Size: S$699 ( U.P. S$1699)

King Size: S$1099 (U.P. S$1999)

My Hope is OEM from 4 Star Hotel Mattress, using the latest 5 Zone Pocket Spring.

Therefore you will not feel the turning when your partner is flipping left and right while sleeping

This mattress is Italy design and sold as much as $1300 USD in Europe country, patent by a famous mattress brand

If I were young, I really hope my parents will purchase this soft and premium mattress for me, unlike the one I am sleeping now


My President Luxurious ( My Dream )

Queen Size: S$899 ( U.P. S$2399)

King Size: S$1599 (U.P. S$2599)

My Dream, is used in many 4 to 5 star hotel, it is extremely soft and you will feel as though you are sink into the mattress

For westerners, their believe is that the mattress should support your spine and not go against your spine as your backbone is normally curve

If you ever try the top brands, you will know how luxurious My Dream is

You need to lie side way then you will feel the effect


My President Deluxe (My Queen)

Queen Size: S$1499 (U.P. S$2580)

King Size: S$1899 (U.P. S$5880)

My Queen uses thick latex for the top layer to prevent accumulation of heat

The texture is hard to medium, for users whom are used to hard mattress

Many customers love the maximum support by this mattress and normally sold in retail shop from $2500 and above

In My President, we don’t bring in poor quality mattress and let you compare.

We only bring in top mattress used in Top Hotel so that you can choose amongst the best


My President Signature ( My King )

Queen Size: S$2480 ( U.P. S$4800)

King Size: S$2980 (U.P. S$5900)

My King will be my personal favourite choice, as this is OEM by one of the top hotel mattress

They are selling this piece under their hotel for at least 4500USD

We cannot reveal the hotel name due to copyright issue but you should test to believe

The natural latex which helps cooling and the dense pocket spring provides the most luxurious sleep you will ever encounter

Everyone should try at least once for a life time


My Digital Lock, have travelled to the largest mattress factory to OEM the most premium mattress used in the top hotel at affordable rates

We select each mattress carefully according to everyone needs


My President Mattress were used in Top hotel and Italy design

These are the five star hotels, our factory have engaged over the years

Now, you are able to get similar quality at factory price in Singapore


The material used to made for My President Mattress is exactly the same used in many top hotel

However, the material and design were choose carefully by us and the design were from Italy

The cloth used for the mattress does not trapped heat, you can visit our showroom to try out


Our Mattress factory, have a wide range of cloth and foam for selection which is the latest in the market and by many of the top brand across the world

We are unable to reveal the company names because of trade agreement but the structure and technology is the same


After 3 months of research, we have quality check all the mattress and design our signature logo onto it

If you ever like the door and gate customize by MY DIGITAL LOCK, you can consider purchasing the mattress from us and renovating your bedroom just like our showroom

In 2017, our showroom has influx mattress, bed head and much awesome design for TV console, etc.


One of the biggest investment for MY DIGITAL LOCK, after became the EPIC and HIONE Digital lock distributor in Singapore